Design Services


Xilinx FPGA Development for Product Performance

Design and Development

Finger Lakes Consulting provides both FPGA and CPLD services for requirements ranging from 32-Macrocell CPLDs to over 20-Million Gate FPGA designs.

FLC specializes in the design and development of high performance Xilinx FPGA devices including the integration of the Microblaze Soft-Processor core,
3rd party IP, and multi-tasking operating systems.

Some of these designs include:

    • Xilinx XC9500, Coolrunner, CoolrunnerII Series
    • Xilinx SpartanII, SpartanXL, Spartan3, Spartan3E, Spartan3A/AN, Spartan3DSP,Spartan6
    • Xilinx Virtex, VirtexE, Virtex4, Virtex4SX, Virtex5LX, Virtex5LXT

Virtex6, Atrix, Kintex

Implementation experience using alternate CPLD/FPGA devices include:

  • Altera Max7000x series
  • Altera Apex 20K (100k-gate)
  • Cypress Flash370i Series
  • ispMACH PLDs

Tools used for programmable logic development:

    • Xilinx ISE and Vivado

Lattice Diamond
Active HDL

  • ispLEVER
  • Synplicity
  • Modelsim

Finger Lakes Consulting provides schematic capture, layout, routing, and prototype assembly services.
FLC has developed a wide variety of prototype, evaluation, and commercial designs.
These designs have ranged from In-Circuit-Test systems through 10Gb/s Fibre Channel Optical Routers.

Hardware Design Projects

  • Linear and Switching DC/DC Converters
  • 5-24 Port 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet Switches
  • 100Mb/s Ethernet-to-Fibre Media Converters
  • USB/IEEE1284/RS232/485 Converter Boards
  • Custom FPGA/CPLD Eval Boards with Memory, IO, Etc
  • 16 Layer Ethernet, Serial, CANBus Hot-Swap Backplanes
  • RS232-to-PC Mouse/Keyboard Emulator
  • Hot-Swap 8-Port 10Gb/s Fibre Channel Router with Fail-over Features
  • 100-SDRAM through DDR-3 SDRAM Memory Systems
  • ARM9, ARM11, XScale Embedded COntrol Boards
  • DSP-based Motor Control Systems with Analog current/voltage I/O
  • Image Capture and Video Processing Systems for up to HD and QuadHD rates
  • X86 AMD/Celeron Single Board Computers

Design Tools

  • Altium (Schematic and Layout)
  • B2Spice Pro (Analog Simulation)
  • Hyperlynx (Signal Integrity Analysis)

Finger Lakes Consulting provides both PC-side and Embedded Firmware design services.
FLC has developed software form 4-bit embedded processors through Windows GUIs and Linux Drivers.

The following list represents only some of these processor and software targets:

Embedded Software Development

  • ARM9, ARM11, Atmel SAMx series
  • Atmel Mega128, 8051SND
  • AMD GeodeLX800 Bios, O/S, Application development
  • Freescale iMX21 and iMX31
  • Intel x386, 8051, 80C552
  • MicroChip 16F87X Series, dsPIC, and 18F Series
  • Motorola DSP 56F80X Series
  • PowerPC 404 and 440GP
  • Rabbit 2000 Series
  • STMicro ST10x272, ST10x262, C161, C167, STR9
  • Texas Instruments TMS320, DM6446 Davinci
  • Xilinx Microblaze Soft-Processor
  • Zilog Z80 Flash Series

PC Software Development

  • Microsoft Visual C++, C# (MFC and Win32)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft DirectX
  • PCMCIA, Device, and Printer Driver Development
  • DLL Development
  • Linux kernel mode device drivers for 2.6 and 3.x kernels

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