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Steven M. Spano, Biography and Highlights

Mr. Spano is the Owner and Principal Consultant of Finger Lakes Consulting LLC.
Steve and his company have created over 3 dozen various products for companies located in New York,
Chicago, California, Georgia, France, and Taiwan. FLC’s products have ranged from RS232<>PS/2 data
converters, industrial lift-gate/door control systems, wireless data collectors, 3-Phase AC motor control
systems,multi-gigabit ethernet network appliances, and custom logic/fpga control systems for extremely high resolution image capture systems.

Steve Spano has also conducted several FLC sponsored or client-specific training courses on Xilinx FPGAs,
signal integrity, and approaches to hardware design problems.

Mr. Spano’s technical background includes high speed electronics architectures,
schematic design, printed circuit board design, design for manufacturability, design for test,
and high speed signal interconnections. Steve’s software background includes development is assembly language,
C, C++, VHDL, Verilog, Pascal, Forth, C#, Linux and Windows Kernel Mode Drivers, and regular-old-“C Programming”

Specialties: digital control systems, schematic, fpga, pcb layout, firmware, device drivers, linux development, ip cores, c#, c++, altium designer, xilinx, altera

The following Q&A discusses some typical questions that may help potential clients.

Q: Can FLC work on Fixed-Costs?

A: Simply put – We Know What We Are Doing.

The case often is that when we are talking to a client about a new program/requirement/etc, we can form a clear solution to the client’s need during that meeting. We can do this because of our depth of experience and rigorous design methods to ensure success.

Q: How do you handle ‘unclear’ projects?

A: We have worked on several “unclear” projects and they have all completed successfully and met our client’s goals. We approach these programs using a “R&D” style method. This method combines a research phase, prototype phase, and full-design phase. Using this technique, we can break-down an “unclear” project into several distinct phases and results.

Together, FLC and the Client can review the data at each phase and make sure that the teams will get to the right outcome for the client’s goals.

Q: What about SBIR projects?

A: FLC has assisted on SBIR related programs as a design support group to a company that has already been awarded a SBIR funding. We have helped existing customers apply for Phase-II funding as well by providing design consulting to help draft technical approaches for key sections of these awards. On a case-by-case basis, we can also offer ‘creative’ ways to offset development costs during PhaseI programs.

Q: How do we communicate?

A: Email and Phone have worked well for our clients, both regionally and nationally. The firm also maintains a license for www.gotomeeting.com. This service allows FLE and several client team member to have a web-meeting session, share documents, PC desktops, and other electronic data. This works very well for reviewing schematics and PCB layouts in real-time.

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